Paint is fun!

I have found the joy of a gallon of paint and a paint brush. It's like being handed glue sticks and scissors as a child - the freedom to create with typically off-limit supplies!

Since we have always lived in rentals, I don't get many opportunities to look at paint chips and colors. But I just recently went on a kick - painting furniture. First, my girls' doll furniture - a pink cubby shelf, pink high-chair, even a couple wooden frames. Then new (to me) chairs for my craft / computer room. The chairs are currently drying from their 3rd coat of beautiful black paint in my kitchen.

I still have a shelf to paint black, plus a doll cradle and large toy hutch to paint a soft sage green.
After that, I may just have to begin searching for new things to paint - it's quickly becoming an addicting habit!

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Lei said...

i've totally been painting furniture (and other things ;)) too!