RE: My previous Post.

Our friend received a VERY deserved apology by the station director. While his sincerity is under question, the apology was a must for us to let this go. The DJ jerks will most likely not be apologizing in any way ... shame on them.

This radio station is known for their support of military troops and their families, which made the mess so much more disappointing. I for one, will not be listening to their station any more, but I am glad the director apologized so I could stop hunting the PR people down by phone.

HUGS to MOFs that helped take care of our friend. It was pretty amazing to see the unity of defending - we all turned into momma bears. Women have an influence and can get things done. This experience empowered me - we didn't respond with rudeness. Just strength and determination. Watch out world - the mom's are in charge here!

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