Rescue ... comin' to the rescue ...

So, the morning after Halloween, DH, the girls and I were driving off to run some errands. We were going through an area near the local walmart that has fields, construction, and old buildings, and there were several semi-trucks turning into Walmart. That's when we saw a little black ball of fluff dodging the truck wheels. DH stopped, and I jumped out to rescue the guinea pig - giant fluffy hamster thing.

I went towards it, and realised it was a tiny fluffy kitten - pure black with pale eyes. The thing ran from me (away from the semi, luckly), and booked it straight into a curb - bouncing backwards a foot! I grabbed it by the scruff of the neck, and noticed the little thing was bleeding like crazy from the mouth, and shaking severely. We drove back to our house, cleaned it up a bit, and got it a cozy little nest inside an animal crate we have. We let it rest for a few hours.

We were worried about not being able to give it the medical attention it needed, so we went to the animal shelter. I was inside filling out paperwork, and asked if the kitten would be able to get some vetrinary attention ... I was told that they don't do vet services for the animals, and if it has a problem, there's just too many animals, so the injured ones are euthenized. I told her I'd be back, and went out to my husband before I burst into tears. DH whipped the car around, and drove right home - saying how any little animal like that deserved even the tiniest chance.

So we've been caring for it, and trying to nurse it back to health. It's day 3, and the black little fluff-ball has worked it's way into our hearts. DH kept thinking up names for it ... Mac or Peterbilt (like the semi-trucks we rescued it from) ... cringer (HeMan's cat before it transforms to battlecat), and most reciently Midnight. And DH was telling ME not to get too attatched, lol.

So little Midnight is healing slowly. Her bottom lip tore away 1.5" from her teeth & gums, but is healing. It won't heal good as new, but she already is looking a lot better ... with just a 1/2" droopiness in her lower lip. She's eating and drinking, and actually used a litter box twice today! She thinks she's SO tough - she will hiss and spit when she sees someone, but she's really shaking in her boots, and the second I speak to her, or touch her softly, she relaxes and purrs so softly. Earlier, I let her snuggle with me for a few minutes, and if I stopped petting her, she would get these WIDE eyes and start looking for my hand until I pet her again.

We were going to nurse her back to health, then find her a loving home ... but I don't know that we'll be able to let her go anywhere ... 3 days and we're all in love.

Day 1 (scared to death)


QueenMeadow said...

She is beautiful and so lucky to have you guys around to save her!!

Awesome Mom said...

What a beautiful cat!! I am so glad that she found a family to love her.