The Kitten ... a week later

So I think our little rescued feline is doing really well - she's used the potty perfectly, she eats like a hungry little baby, and she snuggles and loves to be loved. She still hisses when something changes - like someone walks in the room, or she is startled, but as soon as she hears my voice, or I reach down and pet her, she gets all snuggly. She has also gone from sitting in the carier all day to exploring more - last night we kept seeing her laying on top of the carrier. She's becoming more mobile. She keeps hopping up onto the carrier, then back down, then back up, like it's a little game. Her mouth doesn't look like it will heal back to normal - her lip is detatched from the gums. It's healed, but not normal - she looks like she has a really droopy lip, which worries me that no one will want to adopt her. I really want to keep her, but I just don't know if that's a reality since we're renting and already have Maggie and Lily. But if someone gave her a chance, they'd fall in love with her so quickly!

Isn't she looking good?!

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