Shirley Temple Hair

Yesterday, Princess and Superboy had a duet to perform in our children's program at church. Princess wanted her hair to look beee-you-tee-full, so I pulled out the curling iron ... this is the result:

And while we're on the topic of Superboy singing at church yesterday, we found out about one little girl's crush! There is a family who is really cool - the parents are top-notch, and we taught their oldest last year in our Sunbeam class. So their 3 year old: L-bug, seems to be an adoring fan of Super Boy. We found out that during SuperBoy's duet with Princess, L-Bug leaned over to her dad, and whispered "Daddy, that's the boy I'm going to marry!" How cute is that?! But I guess that wasn't the first time L-bug has commented about Superboy. The other day, her mom was doing big brother's hair, and he asked for it a certain way. L-bug went to him and said "oh, your hair is very handsome - it looks just like Superboy's hair."

L-Bug's dad and my husband had a chat after church, and have decided they want to push the relationship ... arrainged marraige anyone? LOL!


Awesome Mom said...

Very cute!!!

the_sanchez_fam said...

Too cute! Come down to Texas and do my daughters hair for me. I can barely do the ponytail. I am way more for arranged marriages now that I have my own little angels:)