AngelBaby's FIRST haircut

AngelBaby and I have been battling it out for the past few months ... the dreaded brushing out of her long locks. She HATES having her hair brushed ... serious wailing and gnashing of teeth. So I decided it was time for us both ... time to get an easier hair style. She was very excited about it. She's potty training, playing with littlest pet shop toys, and is very sure of herself as a "big girl". A hair cut seemed to seal the "big girl" deal for her.

I got to the salon, and changed my mind as we sat waiting our turn. Her long hair was just beautiful, and I didn't want her to have a "big girl" haircut. She's already growing up way to fast!

I have to admit ... I hid behind my camera and cried when the first long chunk was cut. It, like all "firsts", was bittersweet - so fun to watch them experience something for the first time, but so sad to realise that it means another little chapter of their life is over, and they are a step closer to being grown up.



Why, oh why, can't I freeze time ... just for a while?!

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the_sanchez_fam said...

your kids are so adorable!! I am the one out with the scissors in my house and Armando is the one saying NO!!