7 little Monkeys

We've had our cousins visiting while their mom & dad got away for a couple days.  The oldest of all our kids is 7, and the youngest is almost 2.  Yes .... 7 kids, and the oldest is seven.  

It has been A LOT of fun.  

I've had some looks, some comments, and yesterday someone didn't ask, but just assumed that they were all mine (How many twins does that lady have?!).  Technically, they are all around 9 months apart, so someone *could* have all these kids this close in age ... but not me!!!

I've loved it though.  Seriously loved it.  Nothing like 7 kids to keep you busy with giggles!

Anyways, some fun pictures!

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taffi said...

You are a brave, brave lady! LOL You are one fun mama and auntie!

btw, your card came today - thank you! :)