A little whine ...

I don't like when DH travels for work.  I personally do okay: I read a lot, watch the shows I like but DH doesn't, I try to get a little more housework done, and I eat some ice cream, I get the whole bed to myself, and I can wrap myself in a blanket, and allow myself to fall asleep on the couch.  And to be completely honest, he doesn't travel too often - maybe once every month or two.

So with all that great stuff, why am I whining?  It's the kids.  Mostly 6 year old SuperBoy.  Since DH had last year's 5 months of travel ALL summer long, my kids have had a hard time when he goes anywhere, even just for 4 days.  DH left early this morning, so DS dragged his feet getting out of bed, fat tears rolling down his cheeks: "Why does daddy go on trips?  I hate when daddy goes on trips."  I tried to explain that daddy works to give us a comfortable life, but that's like explaining the intricacies of quantum physics to a puppy dog ... he'll listen politely, but has no idea what you are talking about.  DS was upset, sad, and didn't want to get out of bed.  All he really understands is that he won't see Daddy for 5 days.  And when you are 6, five days is a LONG time.  Seeing SuperBoy hide under the covers with his special stuffed animal made me want to gather him up and sit in the rocking chair with him, cradling him like when he was a little baby.  But instead, I convinced him to get ready for school, and we made it before the bell rang.  

I want to make this time a little less stressful on my kids.  Any ideas?  I think we might watch some movies with popcorn, eat "fun" foods, and make a batch or two of cookies.  Make the next 4 days "fun-days-with-mom".  I keep our schedule regular, and give them a little extra squeeze at bedtime, but they still really miss showing daddy whatever they did that day, and getting tickled by his scruff, and tucked in by daddy with a big daddy-bear hug.  

I appreciate all that my sweet DH does.  I know that he'd MUCH rather be tucking them in, and snuggling with them then staying in a cold, quiet, lonely hotel room far from home.  He hates that his traveling affects our kids.  He works hard and takes very good care of us.  I just wish the kids could understand, and not be so sad!

Augh.  At least it's not a common occurrence.  My kids adore their daddy.  I adore him too ... if only he could pop over to the east coast and still be home for dinner :)  That would be perfection!


Awesome Mom said...

Someone really needs to invent beaning. That would solve your problem and make travel a lot easier.

Emily said...

does dad have time to call or webcam while he's away? don't know if that would help or make the missing him worse.