Grandpa's Farm

My FIL asked me to come photograph some of the new puppies out at his farm, so I took my monkeys - I mean kids - along, and had plenty of photo opportunities!

First, FIL showed off his "4 wheeler" to the kids, and took them for a VERY slow ride ... he was laughing as I tried to hide my distrust and fear.

I'd finally allowed myself to restart my breathing, when I realized FIL had swapped places with my 6 year old SuperBoy - who was now driving.  I held my breath again, trying not to scream in Mama-Bear style horror!

Apparently FIL told the kids "Let's scare your mama!"  And let me tell you, IT WORKED.  
With SuperBoy's sweet face, I couldn't be too upset anymore.  I was just relieved the keys were OUT of the ignition.  FIL is going to be a dead turkey if he does that to me again!

I moved us AWAY from the 4-wheeler, and FIL brought out the puppies.

After a bit, the puppies caused drama when SuperBoy got scratched by one of their little claws ... so we moved on to the next natural thing:

The Goats.

It was quite the day at Grandpa's Farm.  I think I need a nap.  
Or an anti-anxiety drug ;)


QueenMeadow said...

Oh my, look how grown up your kids are! They are so cute :).

The puppies are very cute too, aww.

I think I would have freaked out had my grandpa let my 6 y.o. drive :O eek!

Emily said...

oh my gosh those puppies are SO cute! (your kids too)

so will you change your blog's name to monkeys in my 4-wheeler? i think ya should... ;)

emlouisa said...

Oh my gosh those are the cutest puppies! I'd freak out about the 4 wheeler too. lol!

Megan said...

Great pictures. You really are so talented. I love the one with all the puppies noses together.