It's officially Summer ... a rambling post

My lawn is dying.  I can't water it fast enough, and I hate wasting water.  There's no built-in sprinklers, so I am much more conscious of the water I am using on the lawn.  The lawn has been neglected for a few years (we've only been in this rental since Christmas), and it's really weedy - sad for our area that is known for it's plush nice lawns!  Any suggestions?

Our summer is turning out to be perfectly busy.  I love busy summers - they make the time go by faster.  Perhaps I'm a bad mom, but I CAN NOT wait for school to start again.  Not just for my "break" in the day, but because my kids thrive on going to school!  Summer has made them little grouch-balls!  But, the summer should go by quickly.  

My sisters visited the past couple weeks.  They are turning into really cool women!  They are 15 and 17, and are so much fun to be around.  Those weeks flew by way too quickly.  Our next big event is having our youngest niece for 4th of July.  I know I'm not allowed favorites, but this niece has me wrapped around her finger!  After that, my kids have day camps ... then it's my birthday, then swimming lessons begin.  Then DH is headed to Alaska for a fishing trip, he gets home just in time for our double birthday (DH and Princess share their birthday!).  After that, we are headed to Las Vegas - he's going to Defcon, and I'm going to relax!  The next week, we are going to see Brian Regan in concert (!), then we have DS's birthday. 

And that is our summer!  School starts a week early this year ... which makes me giddy.  SuperBoy is going into second grade, and Princess starts Kindergarten.  It will just be AngelBaby and me at home this fall.  

At the same time, I know I need to spend summer enjoying my kids.  We're gardening and playing in the sprinklers today ... if only it wasn't already so stinking hot :)


Emily said...

the lawn thing is such an annoyance, because you don't want to be the dead lawn on the street. but you don't want to waste tons of water either. i know exactly what you mean.

also, i love brian regan!! so jealous that you're going to see him!

Snigger Fam said...

I had a dying lawn at my rental in Provo when I was a student. We brought it back to life by watering less, but for longer time intervals. I can't remember now how long. BUt the idea is less times per week, but more time each watering session.