Star Wars

First off, if you haven't seen This YouTube Video, go watch it now.

Star Wars is one of SuperBoy's favorite things.  He loves his Lego StarWars video games, the Legos he has that can be built into little cruisers, the Star Wars transformers, the star wars action figures, and the entire bucket filled with Galactic Heros.  

I swear the kid knows more about star wars than I ever could!

Yesterday the kids were playing ever so nicely together in the playroom.  It's a mother's proud moment when her kids are quietly playing together!  Ever so often, a child would come up to me to announce what the topic of play was.  "I'm sleeping beauty!" "We're watching Teddy Ruxpin."  "SuperBoy built a house out of blocks for our ponies!"  I respond with my expected "oh wow!" and they skip off to play more.

At one point, the play (as it inevitably does when SuperBoy is around) had shifted to ALL things Star-Wars.  As they heard me in the kitchen, they all began to filter up from the playroom, investigating what could be cooking, but not ready to abandon their play.  Their hands were filled with little Galactic Hero guys.  Princess went to DH and announced - holding her hero figure up to DH's face: "I'm a Bouncy-Hunter!"  DH of course sent her into me to tell me about it ... "Mom, I'm playing with SuperBoy, and I get to be a Bouncy Hunter!!!"

I can't stop thinking about this new Star Wars character that goes around looking for bouncy houses ... or is he hunting for a pogo stick?  I think I've found my favorite Star Wars character!

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Bezzant Family said...

I love your blog. We have not seen you guys in such a long time. We are now living in Lindon and should get together sometime. I asked Parker if he remembered Super Boy and he doesn't. They were so young when we lived in Logan. Check out our blog at http:/bezzantfamily.blogspot.com/
Dawn and Dave