Summer Swimming Lessons ...

One of the biggest occasions of the summer is when the kids have swimming lessons.  They love it, and I appreciate that while it's a fun sport, it's also a life-saving skill.  So, I anticipate many more summers filled with swimming lessons.

I've gone through several bottles of 50 spf sunscreen, and still my little monkeys are getting a light spray of freckles across their noses.  I always wanted freckles when I was a kid, but SuperBoy and Princess get upset when I mention freckles ... I guess we always want the opposite of what we have!


Maine Mom said...

Great pictures!

My kids enjoy taking swimming lessons in the summer, too. I'm so glad our town has an outdoor pool that we can take advantage of in the summer...for free! The lessons aren't free, but they are worth paying for because my kids are becoming good swimmers and I think that's important.

sweetpea said...

Swimming lessons are so great--learning an important skill and fun too! CUTE kids!