Is summer really ending?!


No matter how I quantify it, school starts next monday.  I am excited.  I will miss our lazy summer days ... but the excitement of a new school year, and TWO children in school is overwhelming.  I haven't really gone back-to-school shopping - this week has snuck up on me!

If anyone is still looking for a backpack, I just have to recommend the Lands End backpacks.  They are awesome.  Superboy received his from Nana for Kindergarten, and now that we're into 2nd grade, the backpack still looks and feels new.  Even after being used to haul "rock treasures" all summer.  They even have cute matching lunch bags that clip onto the backpack.

Class lists were just posted, and SuperBoy is in the same class as his best friend.  Princess has the same Kindergarten teacher that my 16 year old niece had 11 year ago.  Kinda fun.  

I'm bummed that the school cafeteria is being remodeled for the next couple months.  It means no hot school lunches, which means I have to pack lunches every day.  I need to go to Costco on Saturday and stock up on lunch-box foods.  

I need to get back to laundry --- I need to take inventory of SuperBoy and Princess's clothes, so I know what I need to shop for.  

School days are coming!


Anonymous said...

we don't go back till the end of Aug, I'm jealous of y'all that are starting sooner.

sweetpea said...

I just love the beginning of school--it's so exciting! We still have until after Labor Day, but it's coming!
Good luck with all your shopping--

B.B. Woolf said...

Back to school is always fun...at least the first day of school was. anyways, good luck with shopping!

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