Anyone LOVE "While you were Sleeping"?

Would you believe my 16 year old neice JUST watched that movie.  At the end, she shrugged and said, that was okay.  I think my SILs and I had to restrain ourselves from throwing the candy at her.  I mean, it's even one of my DH's favorite movies!  It's just the perfect romance comedy with just enough random humor to keep you laughing days later.

First off, I love her name in that movie:  "Lucy Eleanor Moderatz".  Then the quotes - they are awesome!  A couple of my favorites:

~Joe Jr:  Hey Luce, Tuesday Night.  I got Ice Capades.  I knows a guy."

~Lucy: "I should have got a blue spruce, they're lighter."

~ Elsie: "These mashed potatoes are so creamy"

My husband's favorite isn't a quote at all - It's Christmas morning when they show the paper boy delivering papers.  We all start LOL before the part even comes, just with the anticipation of that part!

What are your favorite parts of "While You Were Sleeping"?


Becky said...

"Are you wearing the black bra? I love black underwears!"


"Got any cookies?"

Joe Jr. is hilarious!

sweetpea said...

This is one of my all-time faves! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

KAT said...

I love this too.

"Well, next time you talk to yourself, tell yourself you're single and end the conversation."