From White Trash to Molly Mormon

There are always times when our houses turn into wrecks.  Look at my disaster zone, and laugh because you've been there, smirk because you've never been there, or find comfort in the fact that I am right in the middle of the mess with you!  

I remember being a newlywed, and being so horrified by the house of a mother who had many young children.  I swore I'd never end up like that ... LOL!   However - it is very comforting that the same mother now has older children, and her house is regularly clean.  Thank goodness I had that example so I could be a little kinder to myself!  So - mothers of young children, listen up!  You're not alone and this too shall pass!

Here we go ... I'm just keepin' it real!

My kitchen before:

My Kitchen After:

My Living Room BEFORE:

My Living Room After:

Next I'm tackling the worst room of all:  THE PLAYROOM

The Playroom Before:

The Playroom after:

For Dawn's comment: Where were your kids while you were cleaning? Mine are always around to make messes as I clean them up.

While I cleaned the kitchen, the playroom and living room got ridiculously messier (doesn't seem possible?  It was!).  We had 2 little cousins over, so 4 little girls playing like crazy!  When I moved on to the living room, I sent the kids all downstairs, with the half-serious threat of making them all take a nap (see, I'm a mean mom!).  It was after lunch that I tackled the playroom - with the kids all booted outside to ride trikes or play on the jungle gym (thank goodness for fully-fenced property!)  However - I cheated with the playroom - my sister-in-law brought lunch for us all, and the work went quickly with two moms, and the kids banished to the great outdoors.   

Oh, and now the girls' bedroom is a war-zone mess, but that will be addressed another day.  I've still gotta keep it real!


Bezzant Family said...

I am so glad that you posted your mess because I am right there with you. Where were your kids while you were cleaning? Mine are always around to make messes as I clean them up.

Stephanie M Larsen said...

Your a confident woman! I'm so glad to see others "living" life. My house has looked like that for the past 4 days due to projects! If I could just stop doing projects... Loved the before and after pics, the post wouldn't have been nearly so entertaining without them!

QueenMeadow said...

Oh my gosh! How did you know that I was considering posting a similar post? I just spent way too much time cleaning my kitchen. I'm embarrassed that I let it get so bad, but it's done and hopefully I can stay on top of it again.

On to the rest of the house...

Awesome Mom said...

Enjoy the clean while it lasts. I have a hard time keeping my kids away while I am cleaning, they seem to be attracted to me like magnets.

Anonymous said...

I can keep it real but never been brave enough to post it on my blog.