Breeding is not always loving ...

I'm dealing with a rabbit breeder right now who is a dishonest as they come, and certainly doesn't care about the sweet animals.  Two other girls and I had Blue-Eyed Whites (and one Black rabbit that was wrongfully described to us as a Blue-eyed carrier) shipped in from a little rabbitry in Weston, West Virginia.  Two out of five rabbits were shipped, and they were not even the two that the breeder said would be in that crate.  Three were never even shipped.  

I ought to send these rabbits back, and get a full refund, instead of the partial requested, but I can't.  The innocent little sweethearts have stolen my heart, and I can't knowingly send them back to a terrible environment, where they were neglected, and came to us sick and sad.  Nope, they're staying here, far away from the rabbitry that neglected them so.

Don't worry, we're not standing by while this terrible breeder tries to scam our money, there's a LOT going on right now, getting our legal ducks in a row.  We have so much evidence --- did you know airports have video surveillance showing exactly what and who entered the airport. When someone is writing threatening and rude emails,  it's so nice to have airlines and police chiefs on your side.  

As though I need more drama in my life!


Awesome Mom said...

That has to be so frustrating!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope it all works out ok. And good for you for standing up for these defenseless animals.

Rachel said...

woo sad.
I am glad your on it.