You may have noticed my dad's name wasn't included on who was coming here for Thanksgiving.  My parents are getting divorced.  "Someone" chose infidelity over the family, and has been living a double life for years.  It's heartbreaking - seriously painful and difficult to understand.  The unfaithful individual said that they fell out of love a long time ago, and there have been troubles both ways.  But love isn't something you fall in or out of, like a black hole ... Love is what you DO.  Love isn't a thing, it's an action - the action that describes the warmth you feel, the action that describes what you do for someone, or how you act towards someone.  Love is work!

As a married child in the family, I am able to find comfort in my marriage.  I have a wonderful husband, who is supportive, defensive of me and my family, and would do anything for me.  I hope to learn and grow by reading every marital book I can get my hands on, and implementing the helpful suggestions into all the love and support I can give my husband.  We both have divorcing/divorced parents as of the past 2 years.  It's a hard thing to witness.  It has really hit me that I can't stand still in this marriage - standing still is how you start to drift apart.  I need to go forward, loving with all my heart, remembering that the little things are WHY I loved him to begin with, and the big things will make us stronger and closer if I choose to let them.

All I know is that the The Family: Proclamation to the World is so drastically true.  The nuclear family is under attack, and we need to protect ourselves, and our families by working diligently against the advisory.  I have now seen how cunning and evil Satan is with his work to destroy families, and I will stand against him with all that I have.  My family is everything to me.

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The Bundys said...

I am so sorry to hear that. I am glad you are keeping the faith in your marriage. I will be moving closer to you soon and I think that will be soo fun!! Thanks for your wonderful positive example and the faithful outlook you take on life.