Emotionally Worn Out

You know you're worn out when you wake up tired, and an hour later, you're eyes want to slip closed while you do dishes. I didn't realize that emotional exhaustion could be so physically draining. I'm emotionally exhausted for myself, and for the others who are in the emotions with me. My SIL says that our subconscious sorts through things whether we're awake or asleep, so it is no wonder I haven't slept well the past few days. Then last night, I was up half the night with one of the bunnies who seems to not be feeling great - Since they are like my babies, I sat next to her cage fussing over her every time she sneezed. I hate when anyone, or any creature isn't feeling well ... I don't like the feeling of helplessness from not being able to fix it.

On a lighter note, our Lucy pup is now 7 pounds, and can jump onto the girls' raised beds! She showed her jumping abilities two nights ago when she hopped onto the couch! That's a big feat for such a little puppy! She's almost 4 months old already, and she's lost her baby teeth - and her need to chew has seriously calmed. She's turning into a sweet snuggle bug!

Today, I think I'd like to snuggle up in one of my daughters beds, under their soft blankets, and sleep the day away. Unfortunately, moms don't get to have a day off. Kids still need picked up throughout the day, the weekly play-date has to be hosted, and the house won't clean itself!

Someone really needs to make a self-cleaning house. And self-cleaning laundry. And self-cleaning dishes.

(((Sigh!))) Well, a girl can dream!


Anonymous said...

I'd do everything else if laundry was self cleaning. It never ends. (hugs)

Laura said...

Your poor sick bunnies. Hope they feel better soon.
I know what you mean, why not self cleaning everything, life would be so much easier, than we would have time for naps :-)