My Baby is 4 years old today.

I have officially left the toddler stage of life.  Our AngelBaby is 4 years old today.  Granted, she will always be MY baby, but this birthday marks the end of the baby-toddler era in our lives.  It's so exciting to anticipate the days ahead, yet I want to cradle her in my arms and rock her to sleep, while humming "Baby Mine".  

AngelBaby was exactly that - an Angel of a Baby.  She was perfect.  Heavenly Father knew I would struggle so terribly with PPD, so he sent me my AngelBaby.  She must have had angels singing to her constantly, because she *never* cried.  I know that most will not believe me, but she was the quietest newborn and baby - she loved her swing, and would lay there, content for hours, until I'd pick her up and realize she had been sitting in a soaked diaper for a while, smiling all through it all..  

My biggest regret is that I don't remember much of her first year.  She was so calm and peaceful, but my mind is so clouded by the depression that consumed me.  I simply remember how easy she was to please, and how she was always content.

AngelBaby was due in January of 2005.  The pregnancy was a shock, Princess had been a difficult pregnancy and a sick newborn, and we had thought our family was complete.  Thank Goodness we were so wrong!  My pregnancy was difficult, and much too eventful for my liking.  I ended up in the doctor's office often, with migranes and the beginnings of Pre-eclampsia.  Just before 37 weeks, my headache worsened, and I was told again to come on in to the Doctor.  The midwife took my BP, and it was at 180/130.  It continued up, the headache worsened, and I had sudden pitted edema.  The doctor came in and told me "You are having a baby today.  Go straight to the hospital.  Do not disobey - this is serious."

AngelBaby arrived at 12:00 midnight ... and 2 seconds.  She took one hour to arrive, from the moment I received my IV of pitocin.  Right after her birth, she was taken to the NICU for respiratory distress syndrome - just like Princess, and my heart hurt to have the NICU experience again.  She was intubated, and the NICU was a horrible experience, except for ONE nurse named Mike.  Mike was the only reason I could stop sobbing - He loved caring for our baby girl.  He would dress her with hats, and matching blankets.  He talked to her in a cooing soft voice.  He was so excited when she was finally off the ventilator, it touched our hearts to see how much he cared.  He was a ray of sunlight in our very horrible NICU experience.  

AngelBaby was adored by her siblings the moment they met.  Princess was in love, and SuperBoy thought she was cool.  As she grew, so did her sense of humor.  She was just a couple months old when DH would tell a joke, and she would break out in a huge gummy grin.  She could tell when he was trying to be funny, and reward him with grins, and later big baby giggles.  The kid has ALWAYS had a huge sense of humor - seriously, she was born with it!   AngelBaby has also always loved animals - been drawn to them, and adores them.  She learned to crawl by trying to get over to our Maggie-Dog.  She learned to stand by pulling up on Maggie-Dog's fur.  She gave so much love to the cat, that Lilly-Cat avoided her for a couple years.  She is always wanting to hold the bunnies, and loves to play with them and snuggle them.  And she loves our Lucy-Dog.  Lucy thinks of AngelBaby as her litter-mate puppy, and AngelBaby considers Lucy a friend that gives great kisses (eww, lol!)  If we had to guess her profession right now, she would be a veterinarian when she grows up.

Today AngelBaby is 4.  She can say her ABCs, count to 38 (then skips to 100, lol), do simple math, and entertain herself for hours.  Her best friend is her sister.  Her favorite movie is still Curious George, and she loves to play "Curious George" on the gamecube.  She tells jokes all the time - her current favorite is "Why did the chicken cross the road?  I'll give you a hint - it says quack!"  Then she laughs for a couple minutes, thinking she's SO funny!   She can be feisty, but she's quick to snuggle, and give hugs and kisses, and say "I love you".  Her most favorite thing in the world is when someone will snuggle with her ... even if it's her brother ;)  

AngelBaby, we love and adore you.  The world would be a much duller place without you!  Your precious smile lights up a room, and your giggle is so contagious, that even strangers can't help but smile!  Baby Mine, I love you.


sweetpea said...

That was so sweet Sunny. Happy Birthday Angel!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday

Jane said...

Hi Sunny--

I was wondering if you had done a S & J tree initial picture... I am looking for one. I don't want you to have to do extra work this busy time of year, but if you have one done would you mind emailing it to me??