Delicious Goodness

Since it's winter, and fre-e-e-zing cold, soup just sounds yummy.  Being the excellent mother I am, I have been filling my children's tummies with Campells m-m-good chicken noodle soup.  We've found great varieties too:  Disney Princess noodle shapes, Ratatouille shapes, Dora Shapes ... what more could a kid ask for?!

Everything was going perfectly.

Then my sister-in-law took my kids for the day, and when my hubby went to pick them up, she handed him a bowl of soup straight from Heaven.  My kids loved it, and my husband loved it.  I heard about the amazing soup, and rolled my eyes ... of course, anything homemade is usually delicious.  

Then a little birdie told me a secret.  Oh happy day!  The Heavenly soup is from .... wait for it .... a mix!  Honest to goodness!  So, hubby ran as fast as he could to the grocery store, and snatched up four different varieties of the heavenly soup.  That was last week.  This week, we had to buy more.  

As I type this, I have a warm bowl of soup next to me ... with some fresh french bread to dip into the Heavenly soup.  Can life GET any better?  I submit that it cannot!

what's that?  


You want to know what the soup is?


okay, as long as you don't shop at my local grocery store and hoard all the Heavenly goodness.

If you'll share the groceries, I'll share my secret.


Psssst - two more secrets: 1. the top of the package tells you what to add ... and most the time it's JUST water!  2. The calories and nutritional values ROCK.  Seriously - they are healthy!


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Heidi said...

We just had the chicken noodle soup one today with chicken added to it. Sooooo good!