Nail Biter

I used to have a really bad habit as a kid.  I bit my nails.  Now, I cringe at the very thought of fingernails against teeth.  I am SO over that bad habit.

Or so I thought.

Last night, we watched our recorded LOST premiere ...  Holy Suspense Batman!  Half way through, I realized I was biting my fingernails!  ACK!  Apparently my bad habit is still there, buried deep in my subliminal mind - surfacing when I'm hanging in suspense.  

Thanks a lot ABC.  I am now going to have to watch your network while keeping my hands busy ... and I don't think you can possibly understand how difficult is is to do an embroidery while trying to watch for answers to the dozens of questions every minute of your show creates.  

There goes my relaxing evenings ... at least for the nights that Lost is on.


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2busy said...

Don't tell me, I haven't watched my recorded one yet. Cute blog!