Flicker Envy

Whatever you do, don't look on Flicker at other people's craft rooms.  Your old kitchen table that is in the basement next to the laundry, covered with crafts and sewing projects, will leave you longing to return to Flicker's Gallery of better craft rooms!  Just one little peak isn't so evil, is it?  Is it really horrible that I am lusting over a random stranger's craft room?  I'm not lustful, just appreciative of the beautiful space they have created ... right?

Lustful or not, I do love to just imagine having a gorgeous space all of my own!

Look at these sweet colors - just looking at this photo makes me FEEL more creative!  I love the lamp!

This room makes me daydream about quilting baby quilts, and sewing those doll clothes I have cut out:
I *love* that she has enough fabric to color coordinate!  Drool:

If you are a gluten for punishment, and just want to subject yourself to more gorgeous craft rooms, you can always go HERE.  Sigh!

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Awdrey said...

Oh, my, I'm in love! If we're so crafty, why can't we have rooms like that????