Name the Bunnies contest!

We're having a contest!  KIDS INVITED TOO!!!

We need some good names for these 3 bunnies before we have the pedigrees printed!  They will be for sale starting in 2 weeks, so I need to get some names fast!  Grab your kids, check out the bunnies, and give them each a name!

All three of these fluffballs are girls.  Two are "Sable Point", a fancy-nancy way to say "Bunny Pointed Gray."  The other is a "Black Torte", a fancy-nancy way to say "Bunny Brown with dark points"

If we choose to use your name, we'll send you a little something for a surprise!  

Ready?  Here we go:

Bunny #1:

Bunny #2: 

Bunny #3:

"Contest" ends tomorrow (February 26th) at 11:59pm!


Awesome Mom said...

Do we have to come up with names for all three? I used to have a bunny named Nibbler but that might not be the best name since she was a nibbler.

Emily said...

I've only got an idea for bunny #3 -- I think you should call him/her Foxy. Or Foxy Lady, if you like. :) His coloring looks like a fox. They are SO cute!

Angela said...

Okay Matthew says name one Princess, I say Trixy or you can go with flower names, Rose, Daisy, Azhar, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. I don't know, maybe I am over thinking it.