Healthy Self Esteem

I will be the first to admit that my self-esteem is lacking.  But one of the things that just breaks my heart is to see young girls with self-esteem issues.  The world is hard enough for kids ... and without a faith in themselves, it's just so very sad.

Thats why, a couple minutes ago, all I could do was laugh!

I was looking at a new Etsy store I found, looking at the pictures of each cute little skirt.   Princess came and snuggled up next to me, wrapping her arms around me.  I smiled at her and, pointing at all the photos, said "aren't those really cute?"  To which Princess replied: "Only one thing could be cuter.  If I was wearing them!"

My first reaction was that of: uh oh, is my child conceited?!  Then I looked into her big hazel eyes, and her impish grin, and just laughed.  No, she just has a healthy self esteem, a confidence that I lack.  She didn't mean that other girls were not as cute, but just her sweet and comedic way of saying "yes mom - those are cute, and I love them! (by the way, did you catch the hint that I really want one?)"

There will be enough people in our children's lives to pull them down, to make them doubt their worth.  I don't want to be one of those people in my child's life.  I want my children to know that regardless of the world around them, I find endless value in each of them.  They are my children, and children of our Father in Heaven.  They are each of infinite worth.  If only I could make that a truth that they would never, ever forget.


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