Don't get pinched!

I'll tell you a secret, but you have to promise not to look at me with distain.  I very much do NOT like St Patrick's Day.  I think my annoyance was brought on by getting pinched *really* hard by a mean boy when I was younger.  Since then, the 17th of March evokes fear into the self-preservation part of my heart.

As a mother, I did my duty today - my kids are all wearing green.  No one will be pinching MY children, ugh. 

Here's my girls this afternoon (Superboy is still at school):

In other news, I got my camera back after a whole week of NO camera.  It was a painful week!  I would grab for my camera, and remember again that it was gone, reminding me how sad I was to not have it!  I begrudgingly let my dear husband take it on a trip ... and the turkey never even used it once the whole week, grrr!   It's back in my arms now, and I don't think it will be going anywhere without me for a while!

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MusicalMom said...

Very cute! We celebrated the day, but since we homeschool, we didn't have to wear green.:) I was just thinking how nice that is. I hated the fear of possibly getting pinched. Ugh.