Finding things to make me smile:




I can always count on the LOLcats to make me smile!


Faith said...

Wow, Sunny. I just read your last post about your Dad. I am so sorry that is something that you have to deal with. I think you should know that a post you did a while ago about confronting your Dad gave me some added strength to confront mine (emotionally abusive, manipulative and lying. My parents have been divorced for a few years now).

I called him on the phone (very hard for me b/c I don't like to confront his anger) and called him out on it all and he swore at me and tried to blame it all on me and said some hurtful things. I told him to call me when he gets healthy and hung up. So, you aren't alone.

Glad you are finding things to make you smile. We don't need people in our life to drag us down.


SunnyMomma said...

Oh Faith, that breaks my heart that your dad has hurt you so much too. I hope that talking to him was helpful, even though he was horrible to you. (((hugs))) I love ya girl!

Angela said...

That picture of the cat in the socks reminds me of my cats. That was just to funny. I am looking forward to memorial day, I hope you are too. (You'll have to bring your camera to show it off to me!!)