huh ...

After pretending I don't exist for a few months, my dad decided to get nasty on my sister's "congrats" thread on facebook.


I wouldn't have been too upset, except for the "1/2 sister" comment.  Oh. NO. he. DIDN'T.

Then I just started to feel sorry for him.  He must feel threatened to lash out so viciously.  It's like when he played chess all Christmas break a few years ago - my husband kept beating him.  If he felt one of his pieces were threatened, he would attack with no regard for the future of the game.  It was his undoing in every chess game.  I suppose his life choices aren't that different than his attempt at chess.

I'd rather be obscenely into brownies than go anywhere near his obscene life choices.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I am so sorry you have to have a dad like that. I am glad though that you aren't falling into his horrible words and you are able to stick up for yourself and your sisters! So sorry. Stay strong and never forget you have people all around you that love and care for you!

Bezzant Family said...

It is sad that your dad does not want to keep good ties with his own children. I thought parents were suppost to have unconditional love for thier children. So sorry that you are all going through this!