GET in those pictures!!!

There is an excellent post on Pioneer Woman about getting in the photograph with your kids.  

It really is excellent - so go read, it won't take long!

I *hate* having pictures taken of me.  With so many health problems, then all the emotional chaos lately, I do NOT look like the person I am on the inside.  I am overweight ... really overweight.  But, still, my kids adore me.  They see me every day, they hug me and feel my squishiness.  They deserve to see photographs documenting that I was in their lives!

On Mother's Day, we stopped on a drive and went on a little hike (very little!).  We found a pretty spot, and I took photos of the kids.  Then I handed DH the camera.  For the record, I don't like how *I* look, but I love my kids, and they need pictures with me!


Now, I don't look like the gorgeous 18 year old that I was 10 years ago, but they are pictures with my kids, which makes them perfect!


Faith said...

Cute pictures Sunny Momma!!

Christi said...

Perfect pictures and you are simple beautiful. I love the last one. LOL

Angela said...

I love those pictures of you with your kids. They are great!! I love the pictures of you, even though you may not like yourself in them, I think you are beautiful!