We love us some bunny!

Anyone who knows me is well aware of the fact that I adore rabbits.  Lionhead Rabbits specifically.  We currently have 5, and all are "show rabbits".  Our next show is in a couple weeks, and we will be taking 4 of our bunnies.  Hopefully the 5th will be home with babies (she's due in two days)

This is my son's lionhead.  He is *TINY* - at barely 2 lbs, everything is just little and compact.  He is just too cute, and very lovable.  

That's the thing about bunnies.  They are so very lovable.  They are so very curious, and love people.  Once you know a little about rabbits, you realize just how happy and optimistic their personalities are - and their joy is contagious.  

Wouldn't it be nice if people could be so innocently happy and joyous too?

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Niecey said...

How cute. I love our bunnies, I had never realized they make such great pets. I guess I had just thought of bunnies as being kind of like hamsters or guinnae pigs, but bigger. But they're not, they have such personality and are so sociable and intelligent.

I hope you'll post about the babies!