Swine Flu

I have not yet decided my feelings on the Swine Flu chaos that is going on right now.  On one hand, I think that we all need to just wash our hands every couple hours, and be cautious ... good practice for what we SHOULD be doing anyways.  

On the other hand, I worry about my children - especially my younger two, with their sensitive immune systems.  I remember the fear from hearing the term "RSV", knowing that I HAD to protect my daughters from getting it.  Their immune systems are still playing catch-up.

Perhaps the Swine Flu is just a good reminder to get my food storage in order, and get organized, and in good habits.  I reminded the kids today of good hand-washing, scrubbing their hands while they recite their ABCs or sing the song , and I've been remembering to tell them "Go wash your hands!" much more often than usual.  

Hmm .. I'm still undecided about the Swine Flu hype.

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Kermit~the~Frog said...

Anything that promotes precaution and preparedness is fine in my book. Reasonable hand-washing is an excellent habit.

The flues that have wiped out large segments of the population actually did their harm by making healthy immune systems destroy the host body. Not that you shouldn't guard your daughters' health, but at the moment there's not a lot to worry about -- in the U.S., people are recovering very well with home care. And compared to the 36,000 who die in this country every year from the plain old winter flu strain, this is nothing so far.