Vacation from life?

I want a vacation from life for a few days.   There's nothing big going on, but I am just so overwhelmed by every little thing.   I want to escape from my never-ending-mess-of-a-house, have my surroundings quiet for more than 5 minutes, and not have to add "make the bed" to my endless To-Do list. I want to waste the day away reading a new book.  I want to relax without the daily running commentary of what needs done that day taking over my thoughts.  

I don't "vacation" often.  Two years ago, I went with my husband for a week to Connecticut.  He was working, which was perfect for me.  I slept in, relaxed, crocheted a hem-stitched baby blanket, wandered on the beach, and just enjoyed the calm. It was perfection, and I remember Connecticut longingly.   The most recent doesn't qualify as a vacation, but last fall, hubby and I drove to my family's house to be there for support when all my dad's affairs hit the fan.  It was a very stressful situation, but having a quiet hotel, big soft bed, and good food helped me have one of the more calm and restful weekends I can remember.

Motherhood is hard.  Homemaking is hard.  I'm not very good at it, and I slack a lot, and am lazy.  But I am still so exhausted.  I need to get away so that I can come back refreshed ... remembering why I DO love my job at home.  I need to wake up refreshed, not exhausted.  Just for a couple days.  Please?

I need a vacation.  

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Anonymous said...

whenever you do get away can I stow away in your suitcase? (hugs)