Silly Monkeys

I need to get better about documenting all the funny comments my children make.  They don't mean to be funny ... but I end up giggling WAY to often!

Tonight, AngelBaby came to me after dinner, and said:
"Hey mom, my nose breath smells like pizza ... or maybe my nose breath actually smells like rootbeer ... hmph."

Last Friday was the last day of school.  My SIL picked up my kids from school, and heard Superboy in the back. "YES!  I made it!  Phew!"  He kept repeating it, with a look of triumph on his face.  My SIL was amused, and said "Hey SuperBoy, you did make it through the last day of school, didn't you!" SuperBoy replied, "No, I'm just so happy I made it to the third grade!"

Princess was playing with her little cousin, when they got busted for throwing rocks at the Farmer next door.  They went to time outs without tears, and dutifully sat until the time was up.  When asked why they threw the rocks, they wouldn't answer until threatened with another time out.  Princess rose her hand, and said "Farmer T said he was going to cut off my piggytails."  

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