We're moving ...

Just to the next town over, but I'm excited!  We've been in a small house, with no garage ... it's been a great home, cozy and safe, but it's now time to move on.  The new house is 19 years newer ... though it has been fun living in a place that was built the year I was born, lol!  Our new place has a three car garage - perfect for bunnies and kids bikes.  The basement is framed, but not finished, and the bedrooms are all bigger.  I'm excited to have our own master bathroom with a big soaking tub and separate shower.  There are mature fruit trees, and grape vines that have climbed the house.  It's in a very quiet neighborhood, so I hope our little monkeys don't disturb the peace!

Moving date is tentatively August 1st ... lots to do!



Faith said...

That is super exciting news! Congrats to your family!

Amber said...

Have fun with the move. Great house!