Baby Mine

AngelBaby is my "Baby".  She's four now, but is more than willing to oblige her "Family Baby" title with lots of hugs and cuddles.  She is scared of the dark, so we bought her "Glowie" - who has been a GREAT investment of $13. (seriously - that is an awesome nightlight!)  

The other night, even Glowie wasn't helping her feel reassured, so I went up to sing her a few lullabies.  After twenty thousand songs, she still wasn't asleep, but I was ready to get some things done around the house.  So I offered her a stuffed animal.

"Here, would you like to snuggle with this soft horsie?"

She looked at me sadly, and replied softly, "I'd wather snuggle wif you."

My heart melted.  I am wrapped around her finger.  I couldn't help it, I tossed the stuffed animal over, and crawled into bed to snuggle my little AngelBaby.

It reminded me of this song. I love that song, it makes me cry, and step back, reminding myself to enjoy them while they are willing to snuggle!

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Amber said...

Those are moments we as parents wish we could hold onto forever! Too sweet.