Happy New Year!

The holidays were BUSY this year, and my blog was neglected.  I shopped, crafted, and planned our christmas, welcomed 13 new baby bunnies into our home, then just before the holiday, I flew out to New York City for a girls weekend.  I had never been, and I adored my experience.  I arrive home the day before Christmas Eve, and jumped into the chaos.  I am so spoiled to have a wonderful DH who took care of everything while I was gone, and even played host to my BIL's visiting family.

Our Christmas was wonderful.  We were so blessed to have DH home for the week between Christmas and New Years - we saw a couple movies, and had lots of great family time.

Yesterday was back to the schedule.  I cleaned, my sister came and helped, and we took down the christmas decor.  Now I need to organize my life!  I have found a bunch of crafty blogs, and now have so many ideas for the upcoming months.

I also ran across The Toy Society and decided I wanted to join.  It's a group that makes little homemade toys, then leaves them in public places to be found and adopted.  I think it's a fun idea, so we're joining.

I'll have to get pictures up sometime ...

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Faith said...

Thanks Elozia, I posted your blog link on another lady's blog that I know who adopted a little boy From Haiti. He is worried about his birth parents. =-(

BTW you are looking SO FABULOUS in your profile pic. Love the hat!!!