Hope For Haiti and PW again!

I have been watching for anything about Haiti - here's a few more ways we can help:

Pioneer Woman (bless her heart!) has ANOTHER giveaway to benefit Haiti - for every entry, she will donate 10cents, plus two random winners will receive a $500 gift donation to a Haitian related charity of their choice.  It's easy, and effortless, but every comment will make a difference!

Also, Hope For Haiti is a site where many people are donating items for a raffle --- $1 equals one raffle ticket, and there are all sorts of items being donated!  You can donate items, or buy raffles.  All the money is donated to The American Red Cross and Compassion.org

I'll keep these posts coming - I wish I had the recourses to do more, but for now, I can share what others are organizing, and we can ALL help with!

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