10 years and counting :)

This past week, we celebrated our 10th anniversary.  It was 5 days of quiet, calm, just-us time.  We don't get that too often with 3 little kids!  However, by the time the weekend was over, we were missing our kids, and couldn't wait to giggle at their cute silly personalities again.

Just for fun:

~ us 10 years ago ~

~ us on our 10 year anniversary ~

More of Our Love Story coming soon ... school is almost over for the year, and things are busy.  I can't wait for summer to start, then the pace will calm down and become relaxed and lazy ... perfect for writing ;)


Faith said...

Congrats you guys!! I enjoyed part 10 and need to read the other ones.

E.marie said...

Yes you should - you're in one of the parts :P

Holly said...

Happy Anniversary! We've been celebrating our 6th anniversary this week! Time seems to fly, doesn't it?

Jordan said...

Congrats!!! Glad you could get away to celebrate...and I love reading your love story- thanks for sharing!