Dallas Children's Hospital needs to step up!!!

I have a friend Aimee, who is an amazing mother.  She has 5 adorable children, and she blogs about her experiences with children's hearing loss, baby glasses, lung disease, and motherhood.  She's one of the sweetest, most wonderful women I know, and she's a great friend to everyone.

Well, Dallas Children's Hospital has caused her so much stress, I just can't even believe it.

It just makes me realize again how blessed we were through our NICU babies, and how nicely and respectfully the hospital worked with us.

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Bezzant Family said...

That is so sad for your friend. You know as well as anyone that having to deal with the stress of a child that is not well and having to deal with stupid people is so stressful. Tell your friend that we will keep her and her family in our prayers.