7 years ago today . . .

Our Princess was born.  She has always been a joy in our life, and its amazing to see how far she's come!

7 years ago I was induced at 35 weeks with preeclampsia.  Our little baby was over a month early, and the amnio showed that her lungs were not ready.  Unfortunately, she had to come anyways.  I held her for 20 seconds before she was rushed away to be intubated and hooked up to a ventilator.  She spent a while in the NICU, the the pediatrician sent her home on oxygen.  She stayed on O2 for several months before she was strong enough to keep her O2 sat up.  

at 2 months old:

Today, Princess is a strong, healthy seven year old who loves horses, reading, and the color pink.  She is sensitive and sweet, and is best friends with her brother and sister.  She starts 2nd grade in a couple weeks!

It's amazing to look back, and know that baby grew up into this gorgeous (and silly!) little girl

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Jordan said...

Oh, my goodness- how tiny she was! That must have been so scary! What a cutie she is- you are going to be in trouble with all those boys hanging around in a few years :)