I am so blessed

Ever have a day where you just feel like crying for no reason?  Or there's a million reasons, but they all seem whiny or petty.

I need to distract myself, and what better way than to count my blessings.

~ I am blessed with a happy and strong marriage
~ We are getting a darling puppy of the breed that we've wanted for 8 1/2 years
~ I am blessed with really amazing kids
~ Our home has enough space for us, and is pretty
~ We live 4 minutes from the gate to a national forest in the mountains.
~ We see deer in our yard in the winter
~ Lucy is a sweet dog and usually obeys
~ I have great visiting teachers
~ I have lots of family living very close
~ My husband works very hard to take care of us, and has an excellent job
~ We have a dependable car
~ We got to take our kids to Disneyland!
~ I have a nice camera for my photography hobby
~ My bed is really comfortable and soft
~ My kids love school

There's plenty more, but I just needed to get started!

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