Back to School

I have a craft-blog-stalker illness ;)
 Star Wars Bedroom Ideas from Tip Junky
 Cute Recieving Blankets from Shannon Makes Stuff

There are SO many cute ideas out there!

✿% ~ ✿% ~ ✿% ~ ✿% ~ ✿% ~ ✿%

In other news, today was back-to-school for my oldest two, and Kindergarten testing for my youngest.

I can't believe all my kids will be in school this year.  Sitting with AngelBaby for her Kindergarten testing, I almost cried several times.  Just listening to her rattling off alphabet sounds, and showing that she could read simple words, had me so proud, and so sad that my kids are all so grown up already.

AngelBaby is in 1/2 day kindergarten, so my day won't be too lonely.

If I do happen to get lonely, I can just cuddle up with the new family member that will be joining us next month:

Fluff-balls make me happy :)

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