I have mostly been sick this pregnancy, but I have one very intense craving.

~~~ Turkey Avocado Sandwiches ~~~

There are 3 places around my house that have this sandwich, but they are all different.

Paradise Bakery has the perfect cream cheese spread.  I don't usually like any cream cheese, but it's mixed with the perfect spices, and is delicious.  As long as I remember to request no-pesto-sauce and add avacado, it fulfills my craving.  And - it keeps in the fridge, so I can save my leftovers, and still have them be delicious later!

Then, there's a local bakery, who I've loved forever.  It's odd though, out of all their locations, I only like one specific location.  The others just aren't as good.  I don't know why, but it's true.  I really have to customize though - no onions, pay $2 extra for a croissant instead of the weird tasting focaccia, no mayo, etc.  It's yummy ... most the time.  There have been a couple times where I end up frustrated because the croissant and meat are dry.  It's just hit-or-miss, which is really sad when dealing with a hormonal pregnant lady!

Then, on Monday, AngelBaby and I went to a little boutique.  They have a darling little Bistro, and we dicided to have a "tea party" for lunch.  I order the Turkey Avocado Croissant, and it was PERFECTION.  AngelBaby and I shared the sandwich, and I kept sneaking bites of her half, because it was so delicious.  Unfortunately, I was caught, and she scolded me "mom - I *love* dis sandwich!  Don't eat mine!"  Bummer!  At an embarrassing $9, I really wanted to relish every single bite!  I have had to work hard to resist going back there daily *blush*

So, in an attempt at frugality (without ignoring my cravings), I am going to try to make my own turkey avocado croissant sandwich for lunch today.  I have fresh croissants, fresh (hopefully ripe) avocados, a garden veggie cream cheese spread, turkey, cheese, and lettuce.  I'm hoping I can create something that will make my tummy happy ... wish me luck - I am SOOO not a kitchen connoisseur!

Dang ... I forgot the tomatoes.  Hmmm.  I wonder if it will make that big a difference.  *sigh*


So, I made my own homemade Turkey Avocado Croissant sandwiches for lunch.  I used fresh croissants from my local bakery.

I *would* have used the croissants we bought at Costco two nights ago, but while loading the groceries, DH put the croissants on the car roof so they wouldn't get smashed, and he forgot about them ... they are somewhere between our house and costco, providing lunch for the local birds.

Anyways ... So, fresh croissants, turkey meat, veggie cream cheese spread, avocados (which happened to be PERFECTLY ripe!), and spinach leaves.  I was going to add sliced cheese, but I was worried the cream cheese and the sliced chedder wouldn't work for my sensitive tummy, so I left off the sliced cheese.

I was nervous.  It had the potential to taste great.  It also had the potential to send me running to the bathroom with morning sickness.  It was a gamble.

It *looked* pretty ... though the tomatoes would had added some more color...

I made one for AngelBaby, and one for myself.  I waited to see what my 5 year old food-critic would say.

Who am I kidding.  My child isn't a food critic.  She's a spaztastic monkey.  
(Who changes into footie pajamas as soon as she gets home from school ... weird kid!)

It was a good sign that she kept eating.

As far as Turkey Croissant Sandwiches go, just the combination itself is delicious goodness.  They were yummy.  Not even close to the $9 bite from heaven at the boutique bistro, but yummy enough to make my craving content.  Next time, I need a different sauce I think.  Maybe still the cream cheese, but also some sort of *very* mellow dijon or something.

Now I just need to buy more croissants.  And maybe some tomatoes.

Happy Lunch!!!

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Jordan said...

Sounds yummy!!! I'm glad you are feeling a little better- morning/all day sickness blows!