Tis the Season!!!

It might sound crazy, but as soon as Halloween is over, I get festive.  The year AngelBaby was born, I jumped the gun, and started Christmas carols in September.  That's what happens when you're having a December baby - it makes it feel closer somehow, listening to the music, seeing the stores begin to decorate.  Some people call it commercialism, but I prefer "exciting" or "looking forward" ;)

What's not to be excited about ... this year, we'll find out the gender of this baby just before Christmas!  I'm already thinking up fun ways to announce the gender to the kids.  Maybe Santa will bring the baby a stocking, and have it filled with pink or blue.  Maybe we'll wrap a present from the baby for them to open, telling them that their new brother/sister is excited to meet them in a few months.  I don't know what we'll do, but I'm ridiculously excited about it.

I'm just starting to feel better.  I have "morning" sickness one day, then the next day is great, and then the day after that, I'm sick again ... it's slowly wearing off.

The only negative I'm feeling with the holidays approaching is that I feel like I'm not ready.  I love giving gifts - especially to my kids, and I'm trying very hard to not go overboard this year, but instead of feeling accomplished, I'm feeling an urgency to shop.  I'm terrible, I know.  I want to teach my children the importance of Christmas, and remember the true meaning of Christmas ... but I also just love the magic of Christmas morning, with presents.  Not ridiculous amounts of presents, but meaningful, well planned gifts that will be remembered.

It's okay.  You can shake your head at me ... I admit I'm crazy.

But, doesn't it make you a little excited to know that there are only 51 days until Christmas?!

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