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Its been a few months since I lost my favorite eye mask.  I got it on Etsy ... and I adored it - perfect design, so comfy and cozy.  And I am very excited for the seller - she's gotten a lot of recognition that she deserves (because her eye masks are SO perfect!)

However, I am impatient.  I am 24 weeks along now, and I've been having headaches and am on partial bedrest already.  With the headaches, I get really sensitive to light, so I really wanted an eye mask NOW.

So I googled for eye mask tutorials, and found this tutoral by Prudent Baby

It looked easy enough, so I figured I'd give it a try ... and I can always still order one from my favorite etsy seller tomorrow.

Following the tutorial, it took me 20 minutes to finish.  I used some brown minky fabric I had on hand, and some leftover quilting cotton.  For the elastic, I used some leftover soft elastic from some baby headband projects.

Overall, it turned out great.  Super easy.  Because I cut both fabrics from the pattern, sewing with the minky was super easy.  It fits pretty well, and has okay coverage.  I used two elastic straps instead of the one in the tutorial - it makes the eye mask stay on through the night.

I will make changes to the pattern, and make another ... then adjust as needed, and keep making them until I have it just how I like it.  I think if I make them a little smaller, my little girls would love their own eye masks - they had some from target that have been worn to threads :)

Changes for next time:
  ~ lower bridge of nose for better coverage
          (or maybe narrowed?)
  ~ add a layer of batting between cotton and minky
          or 2-3 layers of flannel (for better performance
          consistence / durability of shape)

Some dorky pictures of my creation:

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Jordan said...

So cute! You are so crafty :)