Some weeks are rough!

Got to hang out at labor and delivery for monitoring 2 times last week, put on bed rest (darn BP is already grouchy), and got a sinus infection, complete with bronchitis, and can't breathe through the yucky coughing.  24 weeks pregnant, and its gonna be a race to the finish already.  Hopefully we can make it to April ... although May would be wonderful.

However, enough whining!  

We got to see SweetPea today via ultrasound ... after all these ultrasounds,  I was wondering if it would get less exciting, but it was still amazing to see our little miracle on the screen.  We were also told for the 4th time that she is *certainly* a little girl.  Good, because I've really gotten attached to her already ;)

Ultrasound pictures always look like a cute little alien, but as far as aliens go, she's pretty darn cute ...

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Jessica said...

she is pretty darn cute :) sorry you're on bedrest! not fun!! But hopefully you'll make in another 2 months atleast :)