My dear, sweet husband is my best friend.  I don't mean that in a cutesy way - it's the honest truth.  Without him, I would have no best friend, no actual person to listen to me or hug me when I had a bad day, or know that someone actually cares about me.  I would be a very lost person without him in my life, loving me, and caring about me every day.  He does so much for me ... too much for me.  He is under-appreciated, under-paid, and under-recognized, but he still takes care of me and is happy.  He's my world.  

This pregnancy has been rough.  I'm 26 weeks, on partial bedrest, and pretty miserable.  My husband picks up my slack, makes sure we eat dinner, and takes care of our needs.  He cares about me, and he cares about this baby.  He is very protective of this baby and I, and insists that I lay down more and do less, even when it makes things really rough for him.  

I have to remember how grateful I am for him, because the rest of the world has been so demandingly one-sided lately.  People who "check" on me, because they need favors and are worried I won't go out of my way to make their life easier.  People who care enough to ask how things are going, but not enough to offer any help.  It just makes you realize who you can truly count on, and who truly cares.  It's just hard when certain people don't fit into that realization, and they take and take and take without doing much to give back.  It's frustrating - normally I would be more than happy to keep giving without receiving in return - that's what true compassion and kindness is.  But the ONE situation when I can't give and give... some people act put-out or distance themselves so they don't get roped into helping me for once.  It's hard to not feel hurt or bitter about all that I have given them, but I refuse to get offended.  DH and I are responsible for this baby coming, and we CAN do it ourselves.  It's not as easy as if people in our life would be willing to help, but if they can't help (for whatever reason), that's fine, we'll get through it without their support.  And I will still love those people, even if they aren't willing to be in our support system at this time.

I am so blessed to have my husband.  He cares.  He will do anything to give me happiness, even when it takes a lot from him.  He is gentle and sweet, and very compassionate.  Even when I don't deserve it, he still adores me and spoils me.  He reminds me to laugh and smile.  He makes me happy.  He shows me what true love is.  I love him.  More than anything.  

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