After 23 days of the NICU, our little SweetPea is finally home.  She came home on oxygen, she still has some pulmonary hypertension and the oxygen helps keep it low.  We see her cardiologist in a month, so he can check it, but also to check for hopeful improvement with a dilation (aka hole) in the atrium, as well as a valve that was sluggish, but has improved with medicine.

I am so grateful to have my baby home, and to be with my other kids again.  When we walked out of the hospital with our baby, it was the first time I'd been outside in 4 days at that point.  I'd never been so happy to see blue skies and sunshine ... it was a beautiful day, but I was happiest because my baby was next to me, coming home.

Its been a small adjustment having a new baby at home, and teaching the kids to be careful of all the medical equipment, but its been a pretty mellow adjustment, considering how rough and painful the previous 23 days had been, not to mention the 10 weeks of bedrest before that.

We are so happy to be home, and so grateful for all the love, support and prayers that so many people have given us through all this.


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