Sunday Road Trip

Yesterday, we dropped Koda off to a breeder's house (hopefully we'll have some puppies come May!)  We loved being back up in the higher elevations, nestled up in a mountain valley.  I am such a country girl at heart!

I think Koda loved it too!

The kids loved meeting Koda's "Husband", named "Bishop"

I think their puppies are going to be so gorgeous!

It's ridiculous how much we are missing our Koda.  She's become such a basic part of our lives.  So many things we do, so many of our routines, include her.  Last night, I was getting ready to head up to bed, and started towards the front door to let Koda out for her nightly restroom break ... I was pitifully sad to remember that Koda wasn't here.  This morning, I thought "Should I kennel Koda, or bring her with me to drop off the kids?  Hmm, I'll bring ..." Then I realized Koda wan't home today!

Our big question right now is if we are going to keep a puppy from this litter ... I guess we'll see!


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the mountain view is good in the pic