A year of SweetPea

I can't believe my lil SweetPea is going to be ONE tomorrow.  Its so bittersweet - I know that the next stage is so very fun, but I'm not done enjoying this stage.  It's just blissful, I so adore her.  I've enjoyed all my babies, but the other three were so close together (3 in 3 1/2 years!) that I was just in a sleep-deprived state of exhaustion the whole time.  With SweetPea, the older 3 are in school all day, and I am able to just sit and rock SweetPea and snuggle my day away.

One year ago, my head hurt like crazy, an endless headache that I couldn't get rid of.  I remember laying on the recliner, trying not to cry from the headache, because I knew crying would make my head hurt even worse.  I do miss the kicks and punches in my belly, that special time when I had SweetPea all to myself for months.  Feeling her move, her hiccups, and wondering what she would look like.  But pregnancy was really rough.  Bedrest for 11 weeks was very hard on me, but especially my family.  My kids would worry about me, and fuss over me, instead of me being able to fuss over them.  It wasn't easy.  But we all agree that SweetPea was worth it.

I could have never imagined how perfect she would be, and how she fit into our family like she'd always been here.  My other children all adore her to bits - it makes my heart swell when I see them feeding her or getting concerned over whether or not a toy is "baby-safe".  And SweetPea adores them too - they can get her laughing uncontrollably, she wants to be just like them, be in the same room as them, playing with the same toys as them.  It's darling.

Then there's the fact that SweetPea is a MAJOR mama's girl.  Poor hubby!  He tries so hard, and she does love him, and babbles all the time about her "da-da", but she's stingy with the kisses and snugs when it comes to anyone but mama.  Luckily he doesn't mind too terribly, and I love that my baby seems to enjoy being my baby, snuggling with me, burying her head in my neck.  ***swoon*** Those are the moments that I wish I could capture, and relive a few years ... or months ... down the road when I desperately miss it!

All the rambling ... to say, tomorrow my baby turns one.  I am so sad that this year has flown by so quickly, but so happy and overwhelmed with gratitude that she came to us and God let her stay with us.

I love you dearly little SweetPea!


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