Saturday Shameless Showoffs :)

Yes, I have no shame in blatently showing off my babies. Enjoy :)

Princess Cut her long beautiful hair. I was so upset at the little turkey! She has a weird look in this picture, but this was right after she'd cut it. No remorse whatsoever. A couple days later, she cut herself more bangs, so I evened them out. Little twerp! I'm still mourning her long hair.

SuperBoy's Preschool graduation! I can't believe my baby boy is going to start Kindergarten this fall. Yes, SuperBoy is the one front and center, with the big smile and the grad cap that barely fits his head :)

Next to "the tree", the symbol of his preschool. It was in the center of the school. I loved the design of this school - It was like a European village, with cobblestone, and the classrooms looking like store-fronts.

SuperBoy with his teacher. I think he was sick of smiling for me.

My 3 musketeers. They would not hold still for me! AngelBaby looks huge compared to everyone else, because she's leaned way forward, ready to bail off the bench as soon as she thinks I'm not looking.

Our new little kitten, Lily. She's 8 weeks old now, and cute as a button. She wasn't litter-box trained, but she's done perfectly - no accidents yet (knock on wood).

Lily-Pie is a very curious kitten. She is also playful, but snuggly. I think she's adopted Maggie as her suragate mother. She pounces Maggie, then lets Maggie bathe her before she falls asleep curled under Maggie's soft fur. It's adorable. The purple by her neck is her bell - we kept loosing her in the house, she can fit into very tiny hiding spots!

Miss Maggie-Moo. She's still my sweety-bug, currently snuggled on my feet as I sit typing. This picture was during an intense game of fetch, lol!


Michelle said...

Oh wow, you have the most adorable children! And pets!

Lisa M. said...

What beautiful grad gowns, and I think the cobblestone school looks grand!

Love the pictures!

What sweet pets!

lazymama said...

Adorable kids and pets you have there. I love to see pictures!